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                                                   Click here or above to view our video submitted to USA Today as a 2017 grant application.

The video was created as a grant application in the Spring, 2017 and outlines the cultural concept for the re-use of several buildings at the former Medfield State Hospital (MSH). The non-profit Cultural Alliance of Medfield (CAM) proposes to continue a legacy of innovation by transforming this secluded haven into a regional year-round destination.

MSH is a 134 acre site on the banks of the Charles River. It is a bucolic site with rolling topography, mature trees, beautiful vistas and thirty five buildings, most of which were built in two major construction phases from 1896-1914 with about 700,000 square feet within existing buildings. MSH was the first hospital built using the cottage plan and is listed on both the National and State Registers of Historic Places. The state hospital was closed in 2003, and the Town acquired the site in 2014 from the Commonwealth. A master planning committee is developing a preferred use plan to preserve the buildings where possible with consultant McCabe Enterprises.

The State Hospital site offers the town and region the rare opportunity to establish key missing civic amenities, including a multi-purpose arts and event space in the Lee Chapel, plus classrooms, rehearsal space, studios, outdoor courtyards and venues for live music, literature, film, art, photography, performances, and more. Click on the “studies” section to read our market analysis, feasibility study, existing conditions report, and economic survey results.

The best preservation projects do more than save the past. They create new dynamic experiences and become catalysts for economic, environmental and community benefits. Creating a Center for Arts and Culture at the Lee Chapel accomplishes these goals.

With the acquisition of MSH and numerous visioning and planning initiatives nearly complete, the Town is poised to embark on the important next chapter in transforming MSH. We invite you to dream vividly, roll up your sleeves, and support our work as we transition from planning to development. We hope you’ll participate in this exciting year ahead.

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